Why We Love Working With Bloggers

Collaborating with bloggers is a top priority for us, because we truly value personal style. We love seeing bloggers’ creativity as they incorporate our products into their manis and every day looks. We don’t think there’s one right way to create a look, and that’s why we love seeing just what original looks these unique ladies create!

Ways Bloggers Can Collaborate With Serum No. 5

  • Want to share Serum No. 5 with the community? Be sure to share your reviews on our social media sites, use the #serumno5 and leave a review of the Serum No. 5 products on the site by following the guidelines below.
  • To receive updates that might be interesting to your readers, sign up for our Blogger Press List here. You might even get some goodies and/or a discount code!
  • Have a question that’s not answered above? Send us an email at

Blogger Review Guidelines

Our community values bloggers like you for your high-quality feedback, images and content. If you are already featuring Serum No. 5 products on your blog, please share your thoughts with our customers through product reviews.

When you do, just keep in mind the following details below:

  • Be sure to identify yourself as a blogger/blogger name.
  • Include as much information as you can and other details you would want to know before purchasing an item.
  • If your blog is sponsored by Serum No. 5 and you’re reviewing items that you received as gifts, please make sure to mention: “My blog [insert blog name] is sponsored by Serum No. 5, who provided me with this…” or something to that effect.