Cosmoprof NA 2013: Part Two

I’m sure you all know of Nail It! Magazine by now. If not, it’s the first lifestyle magazine for women who love nails, finally something for us that doesn’t require we need a license or something. Well at my last day at CPNA, I was uber lucky enough to meet Karie Frost, Nail It!’s hard working and fabulous beauty director.

IMG_8871Seriously an amazing experience and just meeting her made the whole trade show worth it!

Now back to the show:


I wasn’t able to really take any pictures inside their booth, but trust, their fall line is absolutely gorgeous.
IMG_8905 ORLY:

It all started with Pink. Jeff Pink, the founder of ORLY has made a huge impact in the nail world. He created the French manicure, yes, that French manicure. What an incredible legacy right? But he didn’t stop there, he added in the invention of the gripper cap and most adorably, he named his brand after his wife. But after all these years, there’s just no stopping him. Check out these current and new colors coming soon.

Mmm… pretty.IMG_3218
I loved these sparkly textured polishes so much that I picked some up right when I got back.IMG_8914
Get excited my friends, matte flakies!IMG_3214 Fall 2013 Surreal Collection set to release in September. From left to right: Purple Poodle, Digital Glitter, Angel Rain, Pink Waterfall, Teal Unreal, and Pixi Power.

ORLY describes this collection as a way to “obscure the line between real and virtual. Channel the magical, the ethereal, the eclectic and the unexpected. Become consumed in a digitally saturated, dream-like daze–and Surreal offers a multi-faceted collection of duo-chromatic shimmers and soft, girly cremes to create a look that’s sweet and surreal to the extreme.”

The six lacquers in this collection include:
Purple Poodle: Fuchsia duochrome shimmer
Digital Glitter: Metallic duochrome glitter
Angel Rain: Light blue duochrome
Pink Waterfall: Pink creme
Teal Unreal: Teal creme
Pixi Powder: Light purple and gold shimmer

IMG_8916Yup. Cancer Schmancer.

I love the idea of getting something for yourself and knowing that you’ve done something good. It’s how I structured Serum No. 5 and I love that this idea keeps getting stronger. Be on the look out for these polishes, 20% of profits from this collection will be donated to Cancer Schmancer.


Amika empowers you to start loving your hair and stop fighting it. They offer professional quality salon products and tools and look at how fun they’re packaged.

IMG_8875Love how colorful everything is!


Restore your hair’s balance with Herbalosophy: botanically-based products designed to rebalance your desperate strands back to their natural blissfully healthy state.


Dear Rus:

Transfer any design onto your nails using their Solution Transfer! Amazing. Here are the steps.

Start with a white base.IMG_8890
Cut out a piece of paper with the printed design you want to transfer. Use their Solution Transfer (not pictured) on both sides of the paper and press onto the nail for 10 seconds.

And this is what you get! I chose a floral pattern so that I could really see how well the detail transferred onto the nail and I gotta say, it looks pretty great.
IMG_8885Create any design on your nails!

I was pretty amazed by this. Their solution didn’t smell like there was any alcohol in it like how you do with newspaper nails and other transfer nail art designs, so it’s gotta be better and less harsh on your nails.

Here’s a video I found of the whole process.

Enzo Milano:

IMG_8923I didn’t get a chance to really check out their products, but how fun is this?

I was dying in the Vegas heat (105 degree plus weather), my feet hurt, my legs are sore, but it was all worth it to meet so many great companies, bloggers, indie makers and others in the industry.

IMG_8946IMG_8949Look how official I am!

For those wondering, I used Serum No. 5 Barely There for my mani with a silver glitter tip gradient and some floral transfers by Dear Rus!

Till next time CPNA, it’s been fun!

2 thoughts on “Cosmoprof NA 2013: Part Two

  1. Jen says:

    OMGosh you are precious :)! Can’t wait to meet you next year at COSMOPROF! Looks amazing :)! I swear, we should all make plans to stay at the same hotel and all go together! Indies unite :)!

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