Talonted Tips: Heart French

Talonted-Tips-Heart-FrenchWhat You’ll Need

  1. Base coat
  2. Polish for base color
  3. Polish for heart
  4. Top coat

Apply base color
Paint nails your base color, I used Essie The Girls are Out.
Create the heart
To create the heart, use the nail polish brush of your heart color and swipe color onto one side of your nail, beginning in the middle to the center of the nail tip, using a single arch movement. Repeat this step on the opposite side of your nail to the middle of the nail tip.
Finishing touches
Go over the heart you just created, if needed, to make the heart more opaque. Add top coat and you’re all set.
Heart-French-final2 Heart-French-final

What I love about this technique is it is so effortless and really, anything that only needs the brush that comes with the nail polish bottle is easy peasy. You can create a monochromatic look by using colors in the same color family or just use one color to only create the heart. Another plus? You can use this to cover up some tip wear.




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