Talonted Tips: Watercolor Art

Talonted-Tips-WatercolorWhat You’ll Need

  1. Base coat
  2. White nail polish
  3. 2-6 colored polishes
  4. Medium to large nail art brush
  5. Acetone
  6. Top coat
STEP ONE Your canvas Paint your nails white and apply top coat. This will make sure that the acetone will not affect the white base. Watercolor-2 STEP TWO Creating the watercolor Beginning with your chosen color (OPI Atomic Orange), dot the color onto your nails, I usually go from light to dark. Dip your nail art brush into acetone and dab it onto the drops of color you just made. Use your brush to thin and spread the polish Watercolor-3Watercolor-3a   STEP THREE Building the impressionism Repeat with your other colors until you achieve the look that you’re going for. I used OPI Big Apple Red, China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, Essie Mesmerize and China Glaze That’s Shore Bright. Go over with previous colors to get the affect you want. Watercolor-4 Watercolor-5Watercolor-6 STEP THREE Finishing touches Apply top coat and you’re done. Watercolor-7-FinalWatercolor Final Depending on the watercolor you’d like, apply acetone either immediately after the dots on each nail (to create a more blended look) or after dotting all nails (to show the outer ring of the original dots).

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