August 2013 Nail Art Challenge: Cutesy, Animal, Stripes and Ombre

I’ve seriously been failing at this challenge, but can’t get mad when I’m busy making some new polishes! Here’s what I did for Cutesy, Animal, Stripes and Ombre.

Cutesy: I used Zoya Avery and some floral nail stickers I got from Born Pretty Store.

Cutesy Cutesy-Side

Animal: These were done with Essie Brooch the Subject, Essie School of Hard Rocks and Essie Bobbing for Baubles and some dotting tools.

Animal Animal Side

Stripes, Ombre, Bold, Match OOTD and School: Ok, I really do fail at this challenge lol. But again, I have an excuse, I was making polishes for restocks and new collection, so I think I’m forgiven, right? Right. So these are my lame attempt to do the last 5 challenges in one mani haha. There’s stripes, the colors are ombre’d, it looks like a bold design, it matched a white and blue outfit I had and it’s something I’d wear if I still had a first day of school. So the base is OPI My Vampire is Buff and the ombre stripes are done using Essie Bobbing for Baubles, Essie In the Cab-Ana and OPI Alpine Snow.

Ombre Ombre Side
I think I should make some pictorials of these designs for Talonted Tips. What do you think?

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