Bellskandi 1961

Bellskandi 1961 is a fun thermal polish that turns a sheer milky white (think OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu!) when warm and a mint green when cold. I had absolutely no application issues, shown below are three coats of 1961.

When warm:

Bellskandi 1961 Warm Bellskandi 1961 Warm Side

When cold/transitioning:

Bellskandi 1961 Cold Bellskandi 1961 Cold SideI’m a sucker for mint, so a mint thermal is right up my alley <3

To get the cold shots, I placed my hand under cold running water. However, I guess the weather was just too warm today that I couldn’t get a decent cold shot, but it looks solid green (see tips) when cold.

I really love this, thermal polishes are so fun!

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