Holiday13 Collection Now Available

Holiday13 Slider

I hope you all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Be sure to grab those great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, because you know, we all love to shop!

Just in time for the ultimate shopping weekend is the release of the Holiday13 Collection. Let’s take a look:

Friendly Tiffs: There’s no need for Friendly Tiffs when this famous blue creme is around.

Friendly Tiffs Mani

Girl’s BFF: Silvery platinum bling is a Girl’s BFF.

Girl's BFF Mani

Girl’s Gotta Eat: No need to dig for gold when you’ve got Girl’s Gotta Eat because all you need is gold.

Girl's Gotta Eat Mani

Luxe So Good: You don’t need to be born with a silver spoon when you Luxe So Good in silver holo.

Luxe So Good Mani

Final Countdown: It’s the Final Countdown and it’s time to glow up the night with rainbow dreams.

Final Countdown Mani FInal Countdown Glow Mani

Gild Free: Be Gild-Free this season and enjoy all the sparkles you want!

Gild Free Mani

Holly Dazed: Get in the spirit with this fun take on tradition, but don’t get too Holly Dazed.

Holly Dazed Mani

Snow in Love: Aren’t you Snow in Love with this blue sparkly goodness that glows in the dark?

Snow in Love Mani Snow in Love Glow Mani

Don’t forget to use the coupon code givethanks13 for 15% off your order plus get double points! Have a safe weekend!

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