Talonted Tips: Drips

What You’ll Need

  1. Base coat
  2. 1 color for the drip
  3. Nail art brush (optional)
  4. Top coat

Paint drop smears
Using you’re the brush of your chosen drip color (I used Essie Lollipop), dab a drop onto your nail (about 1-2/3 from the tip) and smear the brush down towards the tip. The smears do not have to be straight and actually looks better if they are irregular.

Drips 1
Connect the drips
Using either the brush from the nail polish bottle or a nail art brush, paint curves connecting the drip smears together. Fill in the rest of the tip with the drip color.

Drips 2
Paint additional drips or irregular dots.

Drips 3

The finishing touches
Wait for it to dry so it won’t smear, top if all off with top coat and you’re done!

Drips Mani Final Drips Mani Final Side

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