31 Day Challenge: Yellow

It’s day 3 and today’s prompt is yellow!

I decided to take a page out of the Chalkboard Nails’s book and do my own version of her Busy Bee mani.

To create this I used OPI Good Grief! and Who are You Calling Bossy?!? from the Peanuts collection and my Queen Bee Cut It Out Nail Vinyls. Totally appropriate since those vinyls were inspired by Sarah.

I used the vinyls as both stencils (index- hives and pinky- stripes) and as stickers (middle- bee and ring- crowns). One tip that I was too impatient to follow, make sure your base color is completely dry before applying otherwise your vinyls may pull off your base color. Oh and wait for the entire design to dry too, I didn’t want to wait so when I applied top coat, it kind of dragged. Oh well. Now we know, right? Right!

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