31 Day Challenge: Galaxies

I love galaxy nails if only because sometimes, the messier the better! They seem really intricate, but really, they can be done in as quickly as five minutes.


Colors used: Serum No. 5 Acai of Relief, Indi-Glo, Blue Blazes, Laven-Daringly Bright, Pure Glow Getter and Lights Out and China Glaze Fairy Dust.

To do these, follow my Talonted Tips tutorial on galaxy nails.

And what’s a galaxy if you can’t see it shining at night.


1 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge: Galaxies

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another way I found easy for galaxy nails was putting down a dark blue base coat and dabbing on a thin white polish and putting a plastic food bag on top to smudge it. I did this with the white and pink, blue and purple on top and then I added holographic glitter and monochrome glitter and it looked amazing!

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