31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Pattern

I had a killer migraine yesterday so I put the challenge on pause. Luckily, today I’m all better so here’s my mani inspired by a pattern,

I chose a Moroccan lattice for it’s apparent simplicity (I stress the word apparent) and it’s geometric shapes.

Colors used: Essie Licorice and Blanc.

To do these all you need are two different sized dotting tools. Paint your base color. Taking the larger dotting tool, create a column of dots in your contrast color, having each dot touch. Then create side dots where the dots meet to create a clover and continue that pattern to cover the nail. With the smaller dotting tool and your base color, repeat the process just allowing your contrast color to be a “frame.”


The reason why I say apparent earlier, is that while this design can be quick and all you need is a dotting tools, making those perfect circles and get down that spacing can be tricky as you can see here. Still not bad, right?

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