31 Day Challenge: Honor Nails You Love

It’s the last day of the 31 day challenge! Can I just say it’s about time?

There are so many nail designs that I love, but today I couldn’t decide on one; then, I saw this simple white designs from a local salon’s IG account (kawaii_nails_tustin_ca). Obviously, theirs looks much better than mine. I really love the simplicity of this.

Colors used: Essie Blanc and Orly Instant Artist in White.

To do these, since I wanted the negative space to be the same thickness, I grabbed some thin washi tape to use as my guide. I then filled the exposed nails with Blanc. Using the striper, I drew a vertical line down the negative space, then divide those halves in half. I then drew two horizontal lines to create three equal sized rows. Then just draw Xs or diagonals across all of the boxes.


2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge: Honor Nails You Love

  1. Gina Bostic says:

    These r gorgeous ! U did a wonderful job !
    Ironically I used my Blanc today! It was oddly a lil thicker than I’m used to…. Is it suppose to n that way? Or bc I’ve had it a year? Ur thots?! A lil difficult for me to base white??
    Obviously it worked awesome for you!

    • Vic says:

      My bottle is actually ok considering how often I used it during this challenge. If you can, try to just give it a good shake and let it settle. If that doesn’t work add a drop of polish thinner, shake it well, let it settle and test. If it’s still too thick for you, add another drop and repeat. Just be sure to add a drop at a time 🙂

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