Make My Heart Skip

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

I’m going to try to do some Valentine’s Day inspired manis and here’s a really easy one to do!

Make My Heart Skip Mani 2

For this mani, I started with a base of Orly First Blush and used top coat. Once it was completely dry, I used the long heart beat lines in the Love Struck Cut It Out Nail Vinyls set. The heart beat lines come in a long strip so I just cut them up into smaller ones and placed them onto my nails and reused them so that I could do all four nails. I then painted Essie Dress to Kilt over the entire nail and while the polish was still wet, I removed the vinyls. Wait for everything to dry to prevent smearing and top coat. Not too bad, right?

A couple of tips that I have found helpful is to have top coat before applying vinyls and to use thin coats when painting over vinyls. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I was a little heavy handed when applying Dress to Kilt and when I removed the vinyls, you can see some of it seeped on the index and ring finger. This is where having a layer of top coat comes in handy. If you mess up, smear, etc. you can take a nail art brush and dip it into a little remover to fix those mistakes. The top coat acts as a barrier and your base color will remain unaffected.

Hope you like these!

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