Nail Art April: Favorite Flower

Catching up on posting about the nail art challenge, so here’s my favorite flower prompt. I love peonies, but I haven’t been able to freehand this as well as I would like. So I made some Cut It Out Nail Vinyls with peony stencils and they also have ranunculus too.

serumno5_961230352199551750_30627913For these I used a mixture of peony and ranunculus stencils. The background is a very subtle watercolor wash of Glo-balt Blue (blue) and Kiwi Glow Now? (green) over white. Using the stencils, I used Coral-ectric (coral) and Raspberry Delight (raspberry pink). Stencils make nail art so easy, gotta love it.

To follow along, here’s the challenge:


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