Serum Lab: Create Your Own Polish


Be a mad scientist and create your own custom polish. Choose your guidelines by selecting the options below and I will get my creative juices flowing and create a “surprise” polish just for you!

Please note that since this is a custom made product, processing time will be extended by at least 10-15 business days.  If I need to source a specific material (ie. glitter), this may also cause a delay. Because this is a product that is made just for you, no returns on custom polishes will be accepted. Orders containing Serum Lab will ship together.

Just know that I strive to make a unique just for you polish, please do not make requests to dupe. Thanks!

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Glow in the Dark Color *

Choose your glow in the dark color. Please note that if the glow already comes with a base color, this will affect your selected base color.

Base Color *

Base colors should be chosen if your glow in the dark base is clear or if you want to enhance the existing base color.

Holographic *

Glitter *

Mark the colors you’d like the glitters and/or shimmers to be.

Future Inspiration *

Can I use this custom as inspiration for a future Serum Love Lacquer? For one of a kind polishes, due to the time and effort put in to making sure you love your Serum Lab creation, a fee will be included.

Comments *

Want to emphasize a specific color? Is there a color that you absolutely hate and you’ll die if you see it? Love stars and hearts? Help me help you and comment below. Please be as specific as possible.

Name Your Serum *

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