Red, White and Blue Mani Ideas

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate this weekend, here are some quick mani ideas. Dotticure mani using Infrared, Indi-Glo, white and a gold anchor. 20140625_184847_1 20140625_185347_1 Another nautical mani using a patriotic color scheme (Infrared and Indi-Glo) and some fun decals that I’m working on. How cute is that whale and crab?!IMG_2807 Here’s a traditional flag inspired mani using Infrared, Pure Glow Getter, Indi-Glo and What a Blast. I also used a stamping plate from Winstonia. Have I mentioned how horrible I am at stamping? I definitely need some work.IMG_20140625_180932 IMG_20140625_181550So these are just some quickie ideas for you to get into the spirit. I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th lovelies!

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