Sparkles for Ayla

Today, many of those in the nail art community are hashtagging their pictures with #sparklesforayla in a support of Selena of Pink, You Rock and SelenaDee_Nails. I talked about the sadness that’s been going on in Selena’s life in my previous post here. On June 25th, 2014, Selena was 38 weeks along in her pregnancy.  She went in for a routine checkup but the doctors were not able to find sweet Baby Ayla’s heartbeat.  Ayla Estelle traded her perfect earthly body for a pair of wings and was born to her loving parents on June 26th, 2014. Today, sweet baby Ayla was put to rest to look after Selena.

So to honor baby Ayla, we’re painting our nails pink and sparkly. For my tribute, I decided to replicate Selena’s most famous mani and add just a little more sparkle to it by using glow in the dark polishes.

Sparkles-for-Ayla Sparkles-for-Ayla-GlowFor this mani, I used Serum No. 5 I Gleam in Pink, Lights Out, Pure Glow Getter and Sand-Tastic. To add just an extra boost of sparkle and glow, I also topped off I Gleam in Pink with Sky Lights.

“Their little feet go before us so that they can show us the way.”

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