31 Day Challenge: Metallic

For metallic nails day, I knew I wanted to do something with black and gold. I love those colors together and it looks so chic and classy together, doesn’t it?

So for today’s mani, I decided to do an updated version of one of my more famous manis. This was when I just really started getting into nail art and owned about oh… 20 polishes haha. Here’s what today’s mani is based on:

tumblr_lysb4lY9jK1qmjjvvo1_r1_500This is from so long ago that my Tumblr blog still went by Dorkiful Ditz, an old and apt nickname for myself. It’s actually my first post that I got a lot of “notes” and reactions and gave me that extra boost to keep trying.

Colors used: Essie Licorice, China Glaze Blonde Bombshell and Milani Jewel FX in Gold.

To get this look, paint your nails black, then use Blonde Bombshell to create almost a glitter waterfall from the cuticles to about one-third to one-half of the nail. Using Jewel FX in Gold, place the larger glitters randomly onto the nail for some extra dimension. Oh and in case you were wondering, the peach color in my inspiration photo is Essie A Crewed Interest.


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