31 Day Challenge: Flowers

I have a weakness for floral nails. I love them. They’re so pretty and intricate and I wish I could do them. Haha!

For today’s mani, I went for a bright pop of flowers over a black background.


Colors used: Essie Blanc and Licorice and Serum No. 5 Krypton-Brite, Atomic Peach, Orange You Sunny, Awesome Blossom and I Gleam in Pink.

Paint your nails black. Since the background is so dark, I quickly painted everything in white so that the other colors would have a better base and still remain vibrant. Then just pant over the white portions with the colors you want. One day, if I actually get better at this, I’ll do a video, it’s better than my look at it and you’ll figure it out approach.

Since this is mostly Serums, it glows!

31DC-Floral-GlowAnd bonus! I loved the look of this so much that I wanted to do a floral chalkboard, so grab your favorite matte top coat (I used Essie’s Matte About You) and there you go, instant chalkboard nails.


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