31 Day Challenge: Delicate

It’s day 15 and I’m halfway there!

For today’s delicate prompt, I wanted to use Indi-Glo because it’s all reformulated and I hopefully (knock on wood) never have to go through that whole ordeal ever again! So what’s blue and delicate? Porcelain!

Colors used: Serum No. 5 Indi-Glo, Essie Blanc and OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay.

To do these, I painted my index and pinky with Indi-Glow and my middle and ring with Blanc. Using a stamping plate from Mo You London, I stamped Blanc over Indi-Glo and Keeping Suzi at Bay over Blanc. To get the porcelain feel, I topped it all off with Essie Matte About You.31DC-Delicate-Side

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